Giving Back

Give with a cheerful heart

The team at Trinity Wealth Management believes that giving is an important part of becoming financially free. We encourage our clients to make giving a priority, so their wealth is not stored away but can be used to experience the joy of giving to others. Our team supports numerous charities and non-profit organizations in our community and beyond.

Marjorie and 100 Women Who Care donate to Unite for Her

Ask a hundred women what a great life looks like and you will probably get a hundred different answers. However, more than likely one theme will appear in every list: to make a difference in the world. A thread that binds many of us is a desire to give back to our community.

In January 2013, Marjorie enlisted the help of friends and family to start a Chester County chapter of 100 Women Who Care. Sometimes referred to as “Speed Philanthropy”, the group meets quarterly to donate money to a local non-profit organization selected at the meeting. The group has donated well over $100,000 since its formation.

Organizations We Support

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