Business Retirement Plans

Offering benefits that benefit everyone.

Our approach is proactive, tailored, and informed to provide your employees with an optimal 401k plan. As financial advisors with entrepreneurial experience, we understand everything that goes into launching and running a small business and all of the moving parts that it involves.

We’ll help you develop a plan that brings your employees’ finances, your business’ finances, and your personal finances into alignment so that you can maximize all of them simultaneously.

But first, we’ll get to know everything we can about you and your business — understanding where you are now, and where you want to be. Then, we determine if your existing plan aligns with your company’s structure, employee census, and long-term goals.

Our business retirement plan services include:


  • Structure plan to meet company objectives
  • Draft Investment Policy Statement
  • Evaluate profit sharing and cash balance plans


  • Create and monitor fund lineup
  • Assist with plan regulatory compliance
  • Provide quarterly investment reviews


  • Facilitate employee enrollment
  • Assist employees with investment selection
  • Conduct periodic educational meetings

What To Expect

Our inclusive, responsive, and data-driven process will help you pinpoint an effective, affordable, and tax-efficient 401k — ensuring that it meets your fiduciary responsibilities and all other necessary considerations.

Your employees participating in your 401k plan will have the opportunity to meet with us and become educated on how to approach the plan as strategically as possible. 

Like most business owners, your business may be your primary investment. A well-designed retirement plan can help grow your wealth, ease your tax burden, and optimize your own retirement funds.

Together, we’ll develop a plan that benefits your employees, your business, and your future — and we’ll continue to guide you throughout its duration.

At Trinity Wealth Management, we work with you to develop a business retirement plan that helps provide a secure financial future for you and your employees. Our fiduciary advisors will design the optimal plan for your business, provide ongoing advice and support, and enroll your employees into and educate them about the plan.

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