Case Studies

Learn how we have helped others

Depending on their life stage, many of our clients have similar concerns. Younger clients are focused on wealth accumulation and educating their children. Many are preparing for retirement and making sure their money can last their lifetime, while others need assistance with gifting and planning their estate.

The videos below are designed to help you understand how we have helped our clients find financial freedom through our holistic planning and guidance. Check back often as these videos will change periodically.

Using Trusts To Reduce Taxes

Dealing with taxes is an important part of wealth management, and trusts can be used in a variety of ways to reduce and possibly eliminate income and estate taxes. In this video, we explain how a Charitable Remainder Trust can be used to reduce federal tax liabilities.

Helping Small Business Owners Save For Retirement

Many business owners think of their company sponsored retirement plan as a benefit for employees, but if the plan is structured properly, it can be a great tool for business owners to create wealth and reduce income taxes. This video explains how the right retirement plan can be a benefit for both employees and business owners.